Gorgeous, Fun Loving Strippers Ready to Bring the Excitement in Auckland

At Covergirls Entertainment we can bring together all of the ingredients needed for an explosive and excitement-filled experience, just for you! All of our models, dancers and strippers are professionally trained, stunning women who know how to get the party started, whatever the event may be.

From Auckland to Whangarei, Bay of Plenty to Taupo, we will be there and can’t wait to meet you and your guests.
We can take you through the planning process step by step, so give us a call on 0274912853 today!
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The shows below are naughty and raunchy, you can choose from fire sticks, candle wax, toys, body slides, pearl and lesbian shows.

Covergirls teaser

3 song g string strip. g string stays on. Suitable for a mixed crowd event. Mild.$230
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Covergirls pleaser

Slip n slide full nude 3 song strip with oil or sensual cream. Medium.$280
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Covergirls play with fire

3 song strip with a candle show. Hot.$300 
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Covergirls delight

3 song strip with pearls! Sensual and sexy. Hot.$320
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Covergirls playful

X rated show 3 song strip with toy.Extremely Hot. $380 
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Covergirls delectable

3 song body slide strip with Candles and oil. Hot.$340
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Covergirls naughty

3 song bondage strip with slippery body slide.Kinky! Hot. $320
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Covergirls two girl teaser

Two hot girls 3 song full nude strip. Extremely Hot.$600
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Covergirls two girl pleaser

The works show. Includes 4 song strip with body slide candles lap dance lesbian show with toys. Hot hot hot. $900
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Covergirls stag delight

Two hot Cover girls. 2 hours bikini waitressing girls serve drinks and food followed with a full nude 3 song strip with body slide and lap dance for the stag! Hot. $900
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Covergirls stagalicious

Two hot cover girls 1 hour bikini 1 hour topless followed by a 3 song toy show. Sassy and fun! Very hot. $1150
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Covergirls stag supreme

This is the ultimate package for your stag do. The works X-rated. 2 hot covergirls 2 hours topless waitressing. Followed with a 4 song 2 girl toy show candels pearls lap dance and body slide included. Booby shots, Body shots and lots and lots of fun and games for the stag during the waitressing time before its show time!!!!! The hottest! $1400
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Fun novelty strip

3 song g string strip with midget granny or fatogram. Mild and hilarious.$300
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Coverboys teaser

3 song strip to a g string. Mild. $250
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Coverboys pleaser

4 song strip to a g string. Mild. $280
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Coverboys delight

3 song strip to a g string with a lap dance. Hot!.$300
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Coverboys delectable

3 song strip to a g string with a lap dance and a body slide. Hot!$350
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Coverboys hens delight

2 hours topless waiter followed by a 3 song strip to a g string. Extremely hot!.$450
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Coverboys hens supreme

2 hours topless waiter followed by a 3 song strip with body slide and lap dance. Extremely hot!.$550
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Our body-painted models will splash some true colours into your sporting event, product launch, or corporate function. Our package includes imaginative, four colours art designs painted onto the models of your choice.
Prices vary dependant on detail needed in the artwork and paint needed.

Note: There will be an additional cost traveling out of Auckland.
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